The Healthcare Financing Options From Nelson Capital Partners

It takes a lot to keep a small business operational and this is just as true for small healthcare practices. Of course, it is more important that you keep your healthcare practice operational because your community has come to rely on the services you provide. Nelson Capital Partners provides a huge range of different kinds of healthcare financing so you can get the working capital you need to not only stay operational, but thrive. Our team of financial experts can not only assist with the application and approval processes, but they can help you select the kind of financing that suits your exact needs too. Some of the most common choices include:

  • Medical equipment leasing – You cannot treat and diagnose patients with your medical equipment. We offer special loans specifically for purchasing, repairing, upgrading, or leasing medical equipment.
  • Practice acquisition – We can help you purchase a practice, whether it is your first, or simply your most recent.
  • Debt consolidation – If you are making multiple monthly payments, consider debt consolidation. With our help, they can be combined into a single and often lower payment that is much easier to manage.

If you think your practice could benefit from healthcare financing, turn to Nelson Capital Partners. We would be happy to answer your questions.