3 Ways to Jumpstart Your Business Productivity

“Start being productive… now!”

Anyone who has tried to take the effort to motivate themselves to dig a little deeper and get the lead out likely has rarely been successful just by saying so.

Although some self-talk and internal encouragement isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it is often easy to ignore, especially when the lure of NOT being more productive is much stronger.

That’s why it helps to make regular motivation part of your work duties to boost your overall business productivity. This can include trying various tools and methods to get you to accomplish whatever goals you have, as well as getting others from the workforce involved.

Just like people who exercise together can easily encourage each other to push hard and perform well, the same principles can be true with a whole organization pushing for productivity.

Try some of these strategies to get your team, and sometimes you, in motion.

Write things down

Having a to-do list each day can be a good reminder of what’s ahead, whether it’s the next few hour, the next few days or the next few months. Jotting these tasks down can keep you from forgetting or focusing on the wrong task. Consider picking at least one “priority” project each list, and focus on that one regularly.

Eat regularly

OK, taking a long breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus snacks throughout the day can keep your energy up, but you’ll spend more time eating vs. doing what you’re supposed to. Instead, consider one large meal but smaller snacks throughout the day.  This will keep you from a cycle of energy spikes and drops.

Control procrastination

Even the most successful people sometimes need ways to distract themselves.  And sometimes it can be fun to tune out of enjoy a distraction. One way to have the best of both worlds is to schedule in time to not worry about work. Give yourself 10 minutes to play online, chat with your friends or clean your desk and then jump back into it.

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